...my two year infatuation with her vanished immediately.
   In fact it wasn’t until the summer before 9th grade, when we took summer school together, that I got to know her and enjoy her for the person she really was.  My religious ardor had cooled, and Bonnie was the only girl in our tiny Algebra I class --  the flirtatious darling of the group.  We were all taking the class that summer for the same reason -- so we wouldn’t have to struggle through it our freshman year.  We were the Algebra I Warriors, and for that summer at least, fast friends.  Strangely, although Bonnie was as pretty and sexy as ever -- and even better, had a playful, sometimes wicked sense of humor -- my two-year infatuation with her vanished immediately.  Nevertheless, Bonnie set the standard for a parade of golden girls, who would continue to bedevil me throughout my life.

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